Fortis Inc. Board of Directors Meet in the Turks and Caicos Islands

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Mar 27, 2012

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (Tuesday, March 27, 2012) - Fortis Inc. Board of Directors from Canada, recently visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands, were impressed with FortisTCI's plant upgrades on Leeward Highway and the new Corporate and Customer Centre. 


From March 11-14, 2012, FortisTCI staff welcomed 11 Board members from their parent company, Fortis Inc. Including the initial purchase of FortisTCI in 2006, Fortis has invested almost US$200 million in the utility. Members, who last met in the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2008, were in Providenciales for a Board Meeting. The group attended a tour of the expanded plant facilities and the new Corporate and Customer Centre. 


The Board of Directors, during their walk through, observed investments up close, including the Company's two new Wartsila Engines installed last year; the recently completed Corporate and Customer Centre; the soon-to-be inaugurated retention pond that is part of elaborate ground water management and hydrocarbon containment systems; a new bulk fuel tank farm which increases on-site storage capability and fuel security; and state-of-the-art Vehicle Service and Linemen Centres. Other projects viewed included the new centralized inventory warehouse; noise attenuation equipment installed on the older plant building; and higher engine exhaust stacks to better control plume and noise emissions to help ensure that FortisTCI remains environmentally friendly. "The team at FortisTCI continues to do a commendable job and the progress made since the Board's last visit is impressive," said H. Stanley Marshall, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fortis Inc. "This visit demonstrates that Fortis sees the Turks and Caicos Islands as a long-term investment and strategic partner. Our investments in physical and human resources over the past five years have transformed FortisTCI into a modern electric utility company; one of which the Turks and Caicos Islands can be very proud," he explains