FortisTCI National Science Fair

The FortisTCI Turks and Caicos Islands’ National Science Fair is an event where the country’s brightest young minds gather to showcase their work in the sciences and since 2009, FortisTCI has served as the primary sponsor working with the Ministry of Education to bring make this event possible.


Schools across the nation come together to display their use of the Scientific Method and findings after months of research and experimentation. It’s an event where not only the scientific method is celebrated, but also artistic skills and general knowledge.


The FortisTCI National Science Fair focuses on science and engineering. Projects are displayed alongside Graphic and Art Posters demonstrating students’ artistic abilities that are meant to translate the theme of the event into a visual masterpiece. In addition to this there is also the science quiz where students compete in a trivia based event to show which school truly knows its stuff.


Every year the students of this country amaze us with what their creative minds and develop the most astounding work. FortisTCI is honored to foster such a rewarding environment in which these intelligent young men and women shine.