Fuel Factor / Power cost Adjustment

December 2018 FF

  • December 2018 Fuel Factor (FF) = $0.1770*
  • Previous month FF = $0.1687
  • The FF is based on the price of fuel at the time it is purchased from Sun Oil Ltd. and is subject to fluctuating world market prices.
  • Low sulfur No. 2 Diesel Fuel is used to generate electricity in the Turks and Caicos Islands and diesel is currently the most reliable, least-cost option.
  • FortisTCI is diversifying its energy mix and now offers options for customers to connect solar PV systems to the grid.
  • FortisTCI is focused on providing safe, reliable, least-cost, clean energy, and innovative energy solutions to customers.
  • SAVINGS TIP: -  Put your electronics on a power strip with an on/off button and remember to turn it off when the devices are not in use.

*This current rate will reflect on January 2019 bills.

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