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PPC Ltd. Updates its Environmental Programme

PPC Ltd. Updates its Environmental Programme 03Mar 2010

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands (March 2, 2010) - PPC Ltd has taken additional steps toward reducing its environmental footprint in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The company launched its environmental programme in June 2009 with the ultimate objective of improving environmental and safety standards at the power plant and among its employees.


The five year initiative will see PPC achieving the ISO 14001 Certification by 2013 - a salient benchmark tool that will enable PPC to identify areas where its environmental impact can be curbed and managed. The certification will also facilitate the development of a progressive plan of objectives that will allow PPC to achieve its five year strategic goal of becoming the best utility company in the Caribbean.


The environmental programme encompasses five main areas which include: Reduction of Exhaust Emissions; Reduction of Noise Pollution; Ground Water Protection; Staff Education Programme and Recycling. Eustace Musgrove, PPC's Environmental Officer has worked extensively during the past eight months identifying and implementing safety procedures among staff members and in various departments within the Company.  Mr. Musgrove noted that "This Strategic Environmental Initiative (SEI) undertaken by PPC is an essential step toward protecting our natural environment, as well as educating and engaging the public to become involved in environmental protection. We have identified areas within our company where solutions can be implemented that address current and potential environmental challenges."


Improvements have been made in the following areas:


Reduction of Exhaust Emissions:


PPC has increased the height of its exhaust stacks at its power plant. The increased height will allow for more efficient plume dispersion and will minimise smoke visibility.


Reduction of Noise Pollution:


Following noise attenuation studies on its older engine buildings, PPC has improved its engine room by retrofitting the facility with the latest in noise attenuating systems.  This system significantly contains the noise level emanating from the facility. PPC's new buildings have met the international standards for noise attenuation, as well as their old buildings which have been retrofitted to meet these standards along with other safety measurements including fire protection and spill measurement.


Ground Water Protection:


PPC has continued activities to ensure safety and prevent the contamination of ground water. The company has also initiated the first phase of a Ground Water Management System (GWMS) which will allow for the management and use of built-up rainwater, collected during heavy rain, for use as landscape irrigation. 


Staff Education Programme:


PPC's on-going employee performance appraisal system has played an important role in motivating and providing incentives for staff to become more aware and proactive in environmental preservation.




PPC ships all used oil off-island to a specialist company in the USA for environmentally sound disposal. The introduction of electronic bills also ensures that less paper is used in printing.

Eddinton Powell, President and CEO of PPC, highlighted PPC's dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen, stating that, "At PPC we want to lead by example and encourage other corporate entities as well as members of the public to embrace environmentally friendly practices. Our aim is to gradually reduce the environmental footprint of the plant even as we continue to meet the energy needs of the country. Based on a high level of environmental practices, we are hoping that over the next 4 to 5 years our new ultra-modern industrial plant and commercial business site will be fully integrated and complimentary to the local physical, business and residential environs.