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FortisTCI Team Members Continue to Rise through the Ranks

FortisTCI Team Members Continue to Rise through the Ranks 05Jun 2014

Promotions and new titles have been awarded as follows:

  • Avi Adams – Superintendent Materials Management
  • Oswald Smith – Mechanic
  • Gregory Thomas – Line Supervisor
  • Kauven Williams – Line Forman
  • Brenton Smith – Line Forman
  • Daylon Joseph – Electrical Engineer II
  • Roxanne Lewis – HR Compensation Officer
  • Shernelle Capron – Supervisor Financial Services
  • Anderson Walkin – Senior IT Desktop Support Specialist

(L to R) Roxanne Lewis, Anderson Walkin, Kauven Williams, Gregory Thomas, Oswald Smith, Brenton Smith, Avi Adams, Daylon Joseph, Shernelle Capron.


FortisTCI President and CEO Mr. Eddinton Powell said, “FortisTCI provides an environment that recognizes and rewards excellence and performance, and enables opportunities for growth and upward mobility. Our team members have worked hard to achieve their new positions.” 


The newly promoted employees have already begun settling into their new positions and, in some cases, their new offices. As they look forward to tackling their new roles with the same levels of excellence and dedication, FortisTCI expects to see even greater results from the team.


Notes to Editors:

1) FortisTCI Limited (FTCI) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc. located in Newfoundland, Canada in August 2006. Turks and Caicos Utility Limited (TCU), which is the sole provider of electricity on the Islands of Grand Turk and Salt Cay, was acquired by FTCI in August 2012. FTCI is the sole provider of electricity in Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, East Caicos and adjacent Cays, and South Caicos. Together the two companies serve approximately 12,800 electricity customers in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The Utilities have an aggregate diesel-fired generating capacity of approximately 75 megawatts. Additional information on FortisTCI can be accessed at

2) Fortis Inc. is the largest investor-owned gas and electric distribution utility in Canada. Its regulated utilities account for 90 per cent of total assets and serve more than 2.4 million customers across Canada and in New York State and the Caribbean. Fortis owns non-regulated hydroelectric generation assets in Canada, Belize and Upstate New York. The Corporation’s non-utility investments are comprised of hotels and commercial real estate in Canada and petroleum supply operations in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. Fortis Inc. shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trade under the symbol FTS. Additional information can be accessed at or


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