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FortisTCI will continue to build on the focus of reliability and safety, while managing costs to build a flourishing company.


Focusing on growing a knowledgeable, competent team is required for continued success. To meet the challenges of the future, we require a highly motivated, accountable and engaged team who are committed custodians of the business.


Join the FortisTCI Team


FortisTCI provides a dynamic work environment for its employees. At the company, there is opportunity to grow, excel in any capacity. Ask any of our team members, most of whom have been with the company for over five (5) years.




There are currently no open positions available



Summer Internship and Employment Programs


At FortisTCI, we recognize and nurture the next generation of talented employees through internships and holiday employment programs.


We offer opportunities for students to explore career options in the utility industry and gain valuable work experience. Students may apply through one of our two programs.




Summer Internship Program (SIP)


Enables fourth and fifth form high school students to experience a highly developed workplace environment and understand the types of career paths available at electric utilities.




Summer Student Employment Program (SSEP)


Recruits college students and provides an opportunity for them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations under the supervision of FortisTCI professionals.