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CAREEP Energy Self-Audits and Lightbulb-Exchange Programme

CAREEP Energy Self-Audits and Lightbulb-Exchange Programme

Efficiency Project (CAREEP)

CARILEC and FortisTCI are implementing the CARILEC Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Project (CAREEP) in Turks and Caicos Islands, supported by the RESEMBID Programme, implemented by Expertise France on behalf of the EU.

The Project specifically targets energy affordability for residential electricity customers. The Project aims to include mainstreaming energy conservation measures and technologies, as well as to build capacities for new and innovative energy services, by diversifying the skills of the local workforce.

Benefits of participation:
  • Learn how to save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill.
  • Receive highly efficient LED lightbulbs for FREE and reduce your electricity consumption for lighting by up to 10 times!
  • Be part of a growing community of energy efficient households in your country!
  • Control your consumption, implement innovative, green, and cost-efficient energy saving measures!
  • Receive guidance on how you can implement energy efficiency measures in your household and share your experiences with other households in your neighbourhood and country.
  • Become a community CHAMPION for Energy Efficiency in your neighbourhood!
Benefits of participation
How can you participate and benefit from this project?
  • You have a customer account on your name at FortisTCI as a residential customer.
  • The household belonging to this customer account (house or apartments, owned or rented) is permanently inhabited by you and minimum 1 more household member.
  • You have access to the internet and an own e-mail account.
  • Your monthly electricity consumption is below 600 kWh.
  • You are currently using standard incandescent lightbulbs or compact fluorescent lightbulbs for your main household lamps (ceiling and floor lights in kitchen, living room area, bedrooms, washrooms, hallways, and veranda). Under the CAREEP Project you are eligible to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 LED lightbulb replacements.
  • LED lightbulbs recipients /households will be required to hand-over old lightbulbs for disposal at the assigned country store.
  • You have successfully applied and have submitted the CAREEP Baseline Survey on Knowledge, Behaviour and Perceptions on Energy Efficiency


As part of the application process, you will commit to:
  • Follow the instructions for lightbulbs installation and visually document the lightbulb replacement by submitting a photo to the CAREEP project at
  • Monitor your monthly electricity consumption/usage and submit the data to the CAREEP project at
  • Agree to sharing of the energy data assessed during the Project and be available for communication with the CAREEP Project representatives and local stakeholders.
  • Collect the lightbulbs upon approval from your local LED sales point, and handover the old and inefficient lightbulbs for proper disposal.



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