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Powered By Solar

Powered By Solar

Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program

Sign on to Solar. Earn Green Rewards.

FortisTCI offers customers a smart, zero-cost way to participate in the company’s renewable energy program.

The Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program (U.O.R.E.) offers qualifying customers the opportunity to partner with FortisTCI to lease their rooftop space for the generation of solar energy. The green energy generated from solar systems allow customers to gain attractive incentives, and helps us to diversify our energy mix, increase our green energy capacity and reduce energy costs overtime.

How the Program Works

Under our Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program, FortisTCI will lease your rooftop space for solar installation

  • FortisTCI buys, installs and maintains the solar system
  • The solar system will be connected to the FortisTCI grid, and roof-mounted.
  • Customers enter into a 20-year contract with FortisTCI.
  • Customers can purchase the photovoltaic system any time after installation.
  • Customers may exit the program, subject to an exit fee.
Size Requirements

The UORE program is open to residential, commercial, and industrial customers with maximum capacity installation limits, and is only available for roof-mounted systems.

Residential customers can install up to 10kW and commercial and industrial customers can install up to 500kW in solar energy systems.

How To Pre-qualify
  • Must be a FortisTCI customer in good standing.
  • Must show proof of property ownership.
  • Must submit updated ID and other legal documents as required.
  • Property must be inspected to ensure it is suitable to accommodate a rooftop solar PV installation.
Customer Pre-qualification & inspection
Customer Incentive
System Installation
Why join our UORE programWhy join our UORE program?
  • Attractive customer incentives for green energy
  • Experts in the power grid and solar energy.
  • High quality service and proven reliability
  • No upfront costs and hassle-free program
  • Maintenance coverage. Our program goes beyond the installation stage and covers the system’s upkeep.
  • High safety standards to protect customers and utility workers.
  • Solar analytics and monitoring
Two Ways To Earn

Customers receive UORE credit as a fixed term compensation or variable compensation.

Fixed Term Compensation

Customers receive $10 per kW based on the size of the solar system. This is credited to customer’s electricity bill each month.

Variable Compensation

Customers receive 1/3 of the profits earned from the amount of energy produced by the solar system annually. Payouts are made at the beginning of the calendar year

To learn more about our CORE program, email customerservice@fortistci.com

Utility Owned Renewable Energy (UORE) as of March 31, 2023.


2.6 MW

Total installed solar capacity as at March 31,2023



Total number of solar energy systems installed under the UORE Program


5.7K tons

CO2 Emissions Avoided


8.04 GWH

Total RE production to grid from installation up to end of March 2023

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