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Understanding your bill

Understand your Electricity Bill in TCI
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Turks and Caicos Islands Power Company - FortisTCI
-----Please keep this portion for your records-----
P.O. BOX 132
Tel: 649.946.4313
Fax: 649.946.4532
Plant: 649.946.4363
Account Name
Account Name

Name of the account holder.

John Doe
Account #
Account #

Customer unique account number.

Connection #
Connection #

Unique number associated with account holder’s meter.

Invoice #
Invoice #

Unique number for billing period.

Last Payment
Last Payment

Most recent date a payment was made prior to invoicing.

Last Paid
Last Paid

Most recent amount paid on account prior to invoicing.

Interest of 2% per month is charged on all unpaid balances after the due date. Accounts with past due balances will be subject to disconnection.
Bill Date:
Bill Date:

Date the invoice was created.

Amount Due:
Amount Due:

Total amount due, including amount for new billing period and any previous amount outstanding.

Current Charges Due Date:
Current Charges Due Date:

The date that the current charges must be paid by in order to avoid disconnection and penalties.

Billing Period
Billing Period

The start and end date of the current billing cycle.

Meter Information
Meter Information

The meter number associated with the service, the previous meter reading, the current meter reading, and the multiplier. Click here to learn more about the multiplier.


The consumption in kWh for the current billing period, which is the current meter reading minus the previous meter reading.

From To Number Previous Current Multiplier (kWh) Description
28-Jun-20 21-Jul-20 99999999 1,976 2,323 1 347 FTCI Delivered
Previous Balance Due Immediately to avoid disconnection:
Previous Balance Due (Immediately to avoid disconnection):

The amount outstanding on the account that must be paid immediately to avoid disconnection.

Current Charges:
Current Charges

FTCI delivered Electric (or TCU Delivered for Grand Turk and Salt Cay customers) is the consumption for the current period multiplied by the base rate listed. FTCI delivered Fuel Factor is the consumption for the current period multiplied by the current fuel factor.

The fuel factor is the cost of fuel to generate the electricity you use. Click here to learn more about the fuel factor. Click here to learn how FortisTCI is working to diversify its energy profile.

FTCI Delivered Electric 28-Jun-20 to 21-Jul-20 347 @ $0.27/kWh $95.42
FTCI Delivered Fuel Factor 28-Jun-20 to 21-Jul-20 347 @ $0.1316/kWh $45.67
Late Payment Charge
Late Payment Charge

A 2% fee is charged on any outstanding balance not paid by its due date.

2% $5.95
Total Current Charges:
Total Current Charges

The total amount owed for the current billing period only.

(30 days at an average daily cost of $4.90) $147.04
Total Amount Due:
Total Amount Due

Total amount due, including amount for new billing period and any previous amount outstanding.

FTCI Delivered - Energy generated by FortisTCI
FTCI Delivered

Means the energy produced by FortisTCI and delivered to the customer.

-----Please return this portion with your payment-----
Turks and Caicos Islands Power Company - FortisTCI
Account # 999999 Amount Due $294.68
Connection # 0000999999 Due Date 14-Aug-20
9999 Anywhere St.
Apt. 9999
Please fill in Amount Paid

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