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Powered By Solar

Powered By Solar

Customer Owned Renewable Energy Program (CORE)

Customer Owned Renewable Energy

  • Full feed-in: Buy All Sell All arrangement
  • Core Credit = Avoidable Cost of Generation
  • Five (5) Years Contract

Size Limits: Residential = 10 kW; Commercial = 60 kW; and Industrial = 150 kW

Sign on to Solar. Earn Credits Towards Your Electricity Bill

FortisTCI offers residential customers an opportunity to participate in the company's renewable energy program. The Customer Owned Renewable Energy Program (C.O.R.E.) is a buy-all sell-all net billing arrangement, offering participating residential and commercial customers a credit on their monthly bill equivalent to the avoided cost of generating electricity. The CORE program caters to customers who have an existing solar photovoltaic system or are planning to invest in a system of their own.

The customer's system is connected to the FortisTCI electricity grid. The customer participates in a buy all/sell all arrangement where FortisTCI buys all of the energy produced by the system at a CORE rate, and the customer purchases all of their electricity needs from FortisTCI.

  • Residential customers can install up to 10kW
  • Commercial customers can install up to 60kW
  • Systems that are 61 KW and above in size are considered utility-scale and require a Purchase Power Agreement as an Independent Power Producer (IPP)
How the Program Works

Under our Customer Owned Renewable Energy Program (CORE), pre-qualified customers own, insure, operate and maintain their solar photovoltaic systems.

  • The solar system will be connected to the FortisTCIgrid, and the company will inspect and approve the installation.
  • Customers enter into five-year contract with FortisTCI.
  • The contract may be renewed after five years.
  • CORE customers will not use any of the energy produced. All energy produced is sold back to FortisTCI. It is a buy all-sell all agreement.
How To Pre-qualify
  • Must be a FortisTCI customer in good standing.
  • Must show proof of property ownership.
  • Must submit updated ID and other legal documents as required.
How the Program Works
How to Earn CORE Credit

CORE credit is calculated as the Fuel Factor on the participating customer’s bill each month, plus 7.2 cents. This is credited to the customer’s electricity bill monthly, based on the amount of energy produced by the solar system.

To learn more about our UORE program, email

A Vision to Transform Energy

Our innovative renewable energy programs are building mutually beneficial partnerships, with approximately 2.6 MW of solar PV installed on customers' rooftops, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure taking shape. Our goal is to integrate approximately 5MW in renewable generation over the next five years, with utility-scale solar installations, expanded Customer renewable energy programs, and battery storage technology.

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