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Our Clean Energy Plan

Our Clean Energy Plan
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Building a Sustainable Energy Future for TCI

Our Clean Energy Plan reflects FortisTCI's commitment to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and low-carbon fuel sources.

Building a Sustainable Energy Future For TCI

We believe in a lower-carbon future for the Turks and Caicos Islands and understand that the reliable energy we provide is essential for our future growth and development. FortisTCI is committed to transforming the TCI’s energy landscape with smart, strategic energy investments that will accelerate our transition to renewable energy, lower carbon emissions, and reduce energy costs over time.

A Balanced Approach: Integrated Resource Planning

Data-driven and guided by the Integrated Resource Plan(IRP), our energy investment plan is based on an optimal energy mix that includes diesel, with at least 33% renewable energy integrated by 2040. The IRP was developed in 2018 along with the TCI Government and is also known as the Resilient National Energy Transition Strategy (R-NETS). The plan takes a long-term view of electricity’s continued development over 22 years, from 2019 to 2040.

The benefits to electricity stakeholders include a focus on least-cost energy, ongoing reliability of service, increased renewable energy integration, enhanced system resiliency, and the continued reduction in Co2 emissions. FortisTCI is now working to renew its IRP, to capture changes in electricity demand ad technology and has undertaken various technical studies to support this process.

Key Highlights
  • Strategic Investments

    Strategic energy investments are essential to meet growing energy demand, maintain reliability, transition the Turks and Caicos Islands to a low-carbon energy future, and reduce the cost of electricity over time. FortisTCI has a robust energy investment plan that balances these considerations with the Company's duty to supply electricity to all its stakeholders. The plan is designed to meet current and future energy demands with reliable electricity. The plan heralds the installation of TCI’s first microgrids on North Caicos and Salt Cay.

  • Generation Expansion

    Lowering our carbon footprint is a central part of our energy transition. The company is making investments that create a space where energy sources can co-exist to maintain reliability and build redundancy.

  • Renewable Energy

    FortisTCI has methodically pursued the integration of solar energy in TCI and has 2.6 MW of installed distributed rooftop solar PV through the Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program (UORE). UORE is one of the Company's customer renewable energy programs. In 2018, the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) voted UORE as the region's 'Best Distributed Generation Project.' The Customer Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Program provides another avenue through which customers can participate in grid-tied solar energy projects. The company also offers electric vehicle charging station infrastructure.

Reliable. Renewable. Sustainable

Microgrids for Sister IslandsMicrogrids for Sister Islands

A microgrid study has enabled FortisTCI to explore opportunities for renewable energy installations in service territory islands beyond Providenciales. The Company will invest in two utility-scale renewable energy projects introducing micro-grids to North Caicos and Salt Cay.

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Wind StudyWind Study

FortisTCI identified wind as a promising resource to consider. A study is ongoing to determine the feasibility of adding wind technology to the generation mix as a renewable energy resource. This study will also be included in the renewal of the IRP.

Gas To Power StudyGas To Power Study

A Gas to Power study is underway to determine the viability of adding natural gas to the energy mix. This study will also be incorporated in the renewal of the IRP.

Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency

Our energy-efficiency programs will provide customers with opportunities to reduce energy usage and waste, and lower their electricity bills.

FortisTCI is focused on increasing customer awareness in various ways to conserve electricity at home and work.

Electric VehiclesElectric Vehicles

Electrifying the transportation sector is among the priorities of our Clean Energy Plan. In addition to our goal of gradually transitioning our light fleet to electric vehicles over the next several years to help reduce or avoid carbon emissions, we have invested in EV charging station infrastructure through our customer-owned renewable energy program (UORE).

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Environmental Conservation

We are committed to our people and the planet. We will play our part as good stewards of the environment, which includes being environmentally conscious in the way we operate. We also make an impact through waste removal and community clean-ups, raising awareness of energy efficiency among customers, and collaboration with stakeholders to support marine, and nature conservation.

Utility Owned Renewable Energy (UORE) as of March 31, 2023.


2.6 MW

Total installed solar capacity as at March 31,2023



Total number of solar energy systems installed under the UORE Program


5.7k tons

CO2 Emissions Avoided


8.04 GWH

Total RE production to grid from installation up to end of March 2023

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