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Moving on Up at PPC Ltd.

Moving on Up at PPC Ltd. 11Feb 2010

Provo Power Company Ltd (PPC) continues to find ways to drive business performance, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction and has recently promoted Kevin Smith to Vice President of Business Systems and Chief Information Officer to assist the company with achieving these objectives.

Kevin has over 20 years international experience in the IT arena and has demonstrated his competence and capabilities across a range of responsibilities. In his new role, he will be responsible for the new business systems and information technology division, which will include material management, facilities management, security, information technology and business performance.  

For the past two years Kevin has been instrumental in the re-engineering of PPC's IT function which included providing IT training, the commissioning of new servers, the standardization of desktop devices, the establishment of a Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC), and the laying of an internal fiber optic network.

Sharing his vision for the development of PPC, the IT specialist said "As we continue to grow I visualize the company as the best electric utility company in the Caribbean. This is the goal we at PPC look forward to achieving. I envision a company that utilizes the most effective use of technology to enhance the productivity and working environment for its employees, as well as provide the most cost efficient service to our customers."

 Kevin who is married to Porsha Stubbs-Smith has four children, Rudy, Courtnee, Jefre's, and Kevin and one grand daughter Cobrianna. The proud husband and father expressed passion for his job by remarking "I didn't choose my career, it chose me. I enjoy what I do; not everyone can say that and mean it".

When the Free Press asked Kevin what motivates him the most about his job he told us: "To sum it all up, the motivation comes from within. At the end of the day I can look back, see that it was a job-well-done and let my work speak for itself. In addition to this I am motivated by the ever-changing technology which means that the learning never stops.  No two issues in this field are ever the same."

PPC staff members continue to demonstrate a high level of dedication, efficiency and good service and are continually being rewarded for doing such.

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