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Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, (Monday, 10th January, 2011)- PPC Ltd recently completed a company standard for Customer and Secondary Voltage connections that focuses on safety and ensures that the customer, the electrician, the Electrical Commission and PPC all have the same expectations.

These newly published guidelines focus on the standard of both temporary and permanent electrical service connections in PPC's service territory. During the rebuilding of some older sections of the electrical infrastructure, PPC Ltd. recognised that there were several inconsistencies and possible safety concerns in some areas.  The major concern was the older secondary connections to the customers' main connection point.  With this in mind, the idea to produce a Standard Customer and Secondary Voltage Guideline document was founded.  

In an effort to maintain its working relationship with Government, PPC Ltd also presented a copy of the Standard Customer and Secondary Voltage Guidelines document to Frank Penn, Electrical Inspector of the Electrical Commission. During the presentation Devon Cox, PPC's Director of Operations said, "As part of PPC's commitment to safety we have developed these standards to ensure our customers receive safe, reliable electrical service.  By publishing the standards the customer will understand the requirements to get electrical service and should receive consistent information from PPC, the electrical inspector and the electrician installing the service."

Details of the document have been agreed upon and reviewed by relevant parties; the Electrical Commission and PPC Ltd. This document also guarantees that customers will have access to information that is accurate and consistent with one of PPC's primary objectives; safety. These new standards will also ensure that proper clearances are maintained over roads, driveways and customers' properties. 

On receiving a copy of the document Electrical Inspector Frank Penn stated, "The Electrical Commission supports the efforts of the Management of PPC Ltd. to educate and inform electricians and electrical contractors of the minimum requirements and expectations for services and service equipment installations.  The document serves to standardise the installation of services, feeders and equipment that subscribes to high levels of safety to personnel, property and equipment.  We are cognizant of the need to strive not only to attain the highest safety standards but also to minimise and prevent illegal circuit connections, electricity pilferage and less than professional workmanship."

PPC Ltd. along with the Electrical Commission hopes that within a few months, all stakeholders will become familiar with the new standards and make the new connection process run smoother.