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Provo Power Company (PPC) Ltd. Joins Forces with the TCI Salvation Army and Fire Fighter Volunteers

Provo Power Company (PPC) Ltd. Joins Forces with the TCI Salvation Army and Fire Fighter Volunteers 21Jan 2010

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands (Wednesday, January 20th, 2010) - PPC Ltd has this week pledged to assist with several initiatives to aid efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake last week.

In the first of a series of plans to support Haiti, PPC has donated food and equipment supplies, including over 2,500 ambient meals, tin cots, portable toilets, stoves and clothing for an aid mission which is being undertaken by seven TCI Salvation Army volunteers and voluntary fire fighters this week. The volunteers from Providenciales led by local organisers Johanne Karam and Shona McKenna also include, Kevin Tuffley, Terry Always, Andrew Chapel, Noel Thomas and Jean Macius. 

The food and equipment supplies donated by PPC will allow the team of volunteers to operate self-sufficiently during their assignment and will enable them to aid and assist the emergency services within the Salvation Army Compound Zone in Port-au-Prince.

Ernie Jackson, Vice President of Production and Engineering said, "We have worked with the volunteers in emergency situations such as this before and have the necessary emergency disaster planning and preparedness experience. We are glad to be supporting and assisting with the TCI Salvation Army's efforts in Haiti."

Eddinton Powell, President and CEO added, "It's vitally important that all corporate entities in the TCI step-up to support the restoration effort and humanitarian relief in neighbouring Haiti in the wake of this devastating natural disaster. Not only do we have a large Haitian customer base in the Turks and Caicos, but we are part of a shared humanity."