Requirements for New Commercial Electrical Services



An Electricity Supply permit for both temporary and permanent service is required prior to completing an application. This can be obtained from the TCI Government Planning Department. It is important to note that in the event that a line extension of more than seven poles is required additional fees will apply.


  • Valid Business license.
  • Names of director(s)/Shareholders with the company.
  • Guarantee note from the director(s) or owner(s) indicating that they will be responsible for payment for all invoices.
  • Valid photo identification of director(s) or owner(s).
  • A letter from the Department of Planning acknowledging the proposed development.
  • Complete an Application & Agreement for Supply of Electricity.
  • The applicant should provide acceptable identification such as a valid driver's license or passport.


Requirements for Existing Commercial Electrical Services



To ensure that service is delivered in a timely manner we require that the following be carried out when applying for new connections for existing electrical installations:


  • Complete an Application & Agreement for Supply of Electricity form.
  • Complete a FortisTCI Owner’s Consent Form. Owner or landlord should be sure to provide the correct 911 issued address as well as the correct meter number.
  • Commercial applications require a copy of a valid business license.
  • The applicant must provide two acceptable forms of government issued identification such as a passport, driver's license, National Health Insurance Card, National Insurance Board Card, National Status Card.


Security Deposits



FortisTCI requests that a security deposit be paid before any electricity can be provided. Deposits are held to cover any outstanding balances upon the closure of an account.


  • $250.00 Security Deposit (All Applicants).
  • $350.00 Installation/Service Charge.


Requirements for New 3 Phase Services



$750 installation/service charge and a deposit of a minimum of six weeks estimated Electricity Consumption.


  • Applicant will be required to meet with FortisTCI's Planning Engineers in respect to new development that will require additional electrical poles or underground excavation. It is important to note that in the event that a line extension of more than seven poles is required additional fees will apply.
  • The applicant will be required to install a meter for temporary/permanent service meeting the National Electrical Code and Standards. The meter must also be able to accommodate FortisTCI’s lock and ring.
  • Permanent service will be transferred from the temporary location to the permanent location following the submission of a Electricity Supply Permanent by TCI Government Planning Department.
  • Application for new installation service may take three (3) to four (4) weeks.


General Information



  • Service may be connected within 24 hours for an existing service.
  • Billing deposits on all residential accounts are refundable upon termination of service. The installation service fee is non-refundable.
  • An internal credit check will be performed on all applicants before any account can be processed.
  • Submission of payments by cheque returned for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) will result in a penalty of $50.00. The account may also be subject to "CASH ONLY" status.
  • Disconnect/Reconnect – There is a charge of $50.00 for reconnections. This must be paid along with the account balance prior to service being reinstated. Customer may be reconnected within 24 hours of payment.