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Fortis Contributes to the Turks and Caicos 911 Programme

Fortis Contributes to the Turks and Caicos 911 Programme 27Jan 2012

Once again, FortisTCI has made a contribution to a much needed cause in the Turks and Caicos islands after donating $2000 to TCI's 911 Emergency Communication Centre. This now traditional "holiday" donation, done in place of sending company Christmas cards, is made possible each year by their parent company Fortis Inc. It gives FortisTCI's employees the chance to express community support.

As the Turks and Caicos Islands develop, FortisTCI realises the importance of having a successful 911 centre. Daphne Penn, FortisTCI's Customer Service Manager said, "With 911 serving as a central foundation in cases of emergencies, this year we found it appropriate to assist with the completion of those programmes headed by their team, such as the street naming project."

The 911 Programme has struggled with erecting street signs in areas that have a high call volume, making it difficult for emergency personnel to determine if they are in the right location when out in the field. Penn added that, "having and knowing your exact street address in any emergency can make the difference in receiving a faster response. FortisTCI is pleased to be a part of this effort."

911 Manager Tammika Lall was joined by Commissioner Colin Farquhar, and other members of The Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force. They were equally ecstatic after learning that the programme was chosen as this year's beneficiary. Lall stated, "We are very thankful for this donation. It will be of advantage to everyone, especially those who can now look forward to having a street sign posted in the near future. Thank you Fortis, from the bottom of our hearts."

Fotis Inc. ensures that each of their subsidiaries is able to give back to local organizations and worthy causes that impact the community at large. Past recipients include The Turks and Caicos Diabetic Association, The Turks and Caicos Heart Foundation, The Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre, The Special Needs Association of Providenciales and The National Cancer Society.