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FORTIS TCI - Salt Cay’s New Power Station Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

FORTIS TCI - Salt Cay’s New Power Station Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 12Mar 2015

The Salt Cay Power Station, a multipurpose building, has not only transformed the appearance of the power station responsible for serving 132 customers, but it has also enhanced operational functions. With the cost totalling upward of 1.2 million dollars, this latest project offers a number of benefits. The project includes a true workshop space where regular maintenance tasks can be conducted indoors in a proper garage. Two of three C9 engines used to power the island (previously housed outdoors) are now enclosed in a portion of the building, better protecting them from sea water and salt air. Salt Cay Operations Officer Gary Lightbourne now has professional office, and meeting space for his administrative duties. Reliability in service to customers has enhanced, supported by an automatic switching system installed to minimize outage time on the island. Finally, the Salt Cay Power Station has improved environmental and safety standards, observing the highest of international guidelines. Some of these improved features include self-contained fuel tanks, oil tanks, and fuel lines, protecting the site from possible leaks and spills.

The Salt Cay project commenced less than one year ago, led by Superintendent of Operations Alvejes Desir. FortisTCI Executive Sponsor, VP of Energy Production and Project Management Nigel Hosein served as support. Works were carried out by Rolle Construction based in Grand Turk, and architectural design was completed by Redmond & Associates based in Providenciales.

This major investment in Salt Cay by FortisTCI comes on the heels of a 2013 installation of a temporarily backup generator needed on the island to ensure customers there received the same high-level service provided in other areas. This decision was made clear through assessments following the purchase of Turks and Caicos Utilities (TCU) by FortisTCI in late 2012. Mr. Powell concluded saying, “I wish to thank our Superintendent of Plant Control and Project Manager Alvejes Desir for his exceptional work leading this project, along with those that assisted him.” Mr. Powell continued, “FortisTCI considers itself a strategic partner to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Through providing an essential service to the Country, employing and training Turks and Caicos Islanders, investing millions of dollars in necessary infrastructure to meet projected demands, while also researching and deploying innovative technologies, FortisTCI has stayed the course to provided safe, reliable, least-cost electricity to all its customers. The Salt Cay Power Station is another example of Fortis' commitment to the Turks and Caicos Islands.”