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FortisTCI is Adding More Renewable Energy to the Grid

FortisTCI is Adding More Renewable Energy to the Grid 28Aug 2019

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (Wednesday, August 28, 2019) – An additional half-megawatt (MW) of photovoltaic (PV) energy generation is connected to the FortisTCI electricity grid in Providenciales following the commissioning of three rooftop installations earlier this month. All three PV systems were installed in conjunction with commercial customers Caicos Depot, Carlisle Supplies, and Grace Bay Car Rental and are a part of the company's Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program (UORE). Investment costs for the three installations totalled approximately $1.4 million.  

At 397 kW, the Caicos Depot installation marks the largest UORE project that the company has so far undertaken. To date, FortisTCI has installed 1 MW of rooftop solar PV in partnership with nine customers through its UORE Program. The UORE program allows participants to save on their energy costs by earning a monthly fixed credit on their utility bill for the use of rooftop space. There is also an annual variable payout based on the generation production of each PV system. The current solar installations have helped FortisTCI avoid 1.5 million pounds of Co2 equivalent emissions and have created a more environmentally friendly Turks and Caicos Islands.    

Speaking on behalf of Grace Bay Car Rental, Todd Foss said, "When Fortis approached us for this partnership, it was actually a really easy way for Grace Bay Car Rentals and all our associated companies and our staff to take part in what I think will be a great asset to the island in terms of renewable energy. I think it's also a leading example of what can be done." Also speaking on the partnership with FortisTCI, owner of Carlisle Supplies Pierre Magnier said, "We are very proud to be a part of this program, and we look forward to seeing many more of these installations throughout Turks and Caicos as Fortis develops its renewable energy programs and its green alternatives."

FortisTCI President and CEO Eddinton Powell said, "We have worked over the past several years to not only prepare for the changing energy landscape in the Turks and Caicos Islands, but also to lead the change. It has required a focus on delivering high quality, reliable, and affordable electricity service, and a commitment to resiliency and sustainability, which needs strategic investment in people and infrastructure. The company is enthusiastic about the possibilities that renewable energy integration offers and the partnerships we are building. Together, we can create a more sustainable energy future for the country."

In late 2018 and early 2019, FortisTCI worked alongside the Turks and Caicos Islands Government and the Rocky Mountain Institute to develop an Integrated Resource Plan and Resilient National Energy Transition Strategy (R-NETS). These plans will serve as the country's energy blueprint and propose an optimal mix of generation that includes 33% renewable energy by 2040.