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FortisTCI Recognizes TeAnn Thomas for Completion of a Two-Year Master's Degree in Development Economics in 12 months

FortisTCI Recognizes TeAnn Thomas for Completion of a Two-Year Master's Degree in Development Economics in 12 months 25Jun 2018

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (Wednesday, June 20, 2018) – FortisTCI is pleased to recognize Jr. Business Analyst TeAnn Thomas for the successful completion of a Master’s degree in Development Economics (MDE) from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. TeAnn received her degree on June 1, 2018, furthering her progress toward becoming an economist. 

She completed the two-year program in 12 months on a fast-track plan. The objective of the program is to take students beyond the highly analytical and very mathematical concepts of economics. The unique program combines social and economic development with analytics and math, with a focus on case studies of developing countries and regions faced with challenging economies.

TeAnn joined FortisTCI in August 2014, and was afforded this educational opportunity in 2017 through the company’s employee scholarship initiative. Having now earned her MDE, TeAnn will continue her career at FortisTCI as a Resource Planning and Utility Analytics Officer.

When asked about the recent journey and the road ahead, TeAnn said, “I believe every organization can benefit from having an economist on their team. My goal is to be that for FortisTCI. I saw the benefit in studying development economics because we too face many of the struggles as other developing nations.” TeAnn added, “I look forward to returning to the company soon to give of my best.”

Offering congratulations on behalf of FortisTCI, President & CEO Eddinton Powell said, “I would like to express how proud the FortisTCI family is of TeAnn’s achievements. It is no easy feat for anyone to choose this path, to uproot themselves even temporarily, face fears and tackles challenges head-on. But we know all too well at FortisTCI, that when you commit yourself and stay focused on the long-term goal, you can achieve great things. There is no doubt that TeAnn will continue to make us proud and we look forward to her continued contribution and to watching her development over many years to come.”

To date, at least nine FortisTCI employees have benefited from the scholarship program and attained higher education degrees, including Senior Vice President of Operations Devon Cox, Manager of Plant Operations Alvejes Desir, Manager of Transmission and Distribution Daylon Joseph, Manager of Human Resources Avi Adams, Supervisor of General ICT Services Jerry Clerveaux, and Junior Energy Production Engineer TeAndra Thomas. Several non-employees have also benefited from educational grants issued by FortisTCI.