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FortisTCI Updates on Island-wide Power Outage

FortisTCI Updates on Island-wide Power Outage 09Jul 2012

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (Monday, July 9, 2012) - FortisTCI, which had enjoyed an outstanding stretch of providing uninterrupted service to its customers on Providenciales, North and Middle Caicos, and South Caicos,  suffered an Island-wide outage on the island of Providenciales on Saturday 7th July 2012 beginning at 8:10 AM.  Service to most customers was restored by early afternoon with service to all customers restored at approximately 9:40 PM.   


The cause of the plant shutdown was traced to an insulation failure on the main bus bar at the primary substation at the plant.  The failure caused the main bus bar to explode rendering 5 breakers inoperable and shutting down the entire plant.  The failure was in a critical area and in order to restore power it was necessary for staff to build a new bus bar that temporarily bypassed the damaged equipment. The first section of the system was returned to service at 9:40 am.  The bulk of the system was restored by 1:00 PM.  Unfortunately in order to restore power to the Lower Bight area considerably more work had to be done and power was not restored until just before 10:00 pm on the same day.    


The system remains fragile, and additional outages may be experienced as we implement permanent repairs and fixes. Ernie Jackson, VP of Production and Engineering commented saying, "All electrical systems are susceptible to these kinds of equipment failures.  Although, we have built-in a number of redundancies and backups into our system, these types of equipment failures will have a catastrophic effect on our system." Mr. Jackson continued stating, "Saturday's incident required complex solutions under very stressful circumstances, but we proved that we had the know-how and resources to coop with the situation and restore power quickly and safely to our customers. That is the strength of FortisTCI."