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Positive Trend Continues at FortisTCI Ltd

Positive Trend Continues at FortisTCI Ltd 21Sep 2011


Ingrid Forbes joined FortisTCI's Human Resources team in 2008 but has now taken on a new role as Purchasing and Logistics Officer in the Materials Management department.  

Aisha LaPorte is now Manager of Financial Services after starting with the Company in 2008 as Supervisor of Financial Accounting and Reporting.

FortisTCI's new Superintendent of Lines is Walter Wilson. Walter started with the Company in 2000 and worked in the Operations department as Supervisor, Lines.

Scholarship recipient Alvejes Desir joined the Company in 2006 as a Meter Reader. After completing his studies in the USA earlier this year, Alvejes returned to FortisTCI Ltd as Electrical Technician III and now joins the Production and Engineering team as Plant Control Supervisor.

Anthony Williams is the new Manager of Site Services and Security and worked previously in the Plant Operations department as Plant Control Superintendent. Anthony joined the Company in 1985.

New Lineman Foreman Deniro Handfield joined FortisTCI Ltd in 2006 and worked for the past 5 years as a Lineman in the T&D Construction department.

Warren Madden, the new Manager of Materials Management at FortisTCI Ltd, worked as Purchasing and Logistics Officer in the Materials Management department and has been with the Company since 1988.

Catherine Buena has been promoted to Director of Financial Services and Risk Management. Catherine worked in the Financial Services department as Manager, Financial Services after joining the organisation in 2008. 

"This is an important milestone in the careers of these individuals as they step into roles with additional opportunities and challenges, said Judy Missick, FortisTCI's Human Resources Director. As we work to help them transition into their new positions, we know they will continue to deliver unmatched performance as they maintain their dedication and commitment to FortisTCI's values."

Ms. Missick added, "Investing in and developing talent is critical to sustaining and improving Turks and Caicos' workforce and here at FortisTCI Ltd we focus on leadership from within since these individuals already have a vast knowledge of the company, its people, its values and goals. These employees continue to display hard work and dedication year after year; truly deserving the recognition and responsibility of their new positions. They are not only our employees, but our greatest asset and we will continue on the strategic path of relentless staff development and capital investments to ensure service reliability and complete customer satisfaction."