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Residents Encouraged to Practice Energy Conservation

Residents Encouraged to Practice Energy Conservation 07Dec 2011

FortisTCI's fuel factor rate, which is determined by the price of diesel oil charged by the Company's fuel supplier, has been on the increase because of the constant rise in world crude oil prices. The November fuel factor rate, which will appear on customers' December bills is $0.2322 KWH, an increase from October's rate of $0.2312.

Allan Robinson, VP of Customer and Corporate Services, stressed the importance of energy conservation especially during the upcoming  Christmas period, noting that, "We would like to encourage everyone to work harder in their efforts to conserve energy, not only during the Christmas period, but every day. FortisTCI is very focused on lowering the cost of generating electricity. We have achieved significant increases in fuel efficiency which means that every gallon of fuel we don't have to purchase translates into savings for our customers."

Mr. Robinson further noted, "FortisTCI will also embark on an energy audit exercise in January 2012, which will see our T&D team visiting interested customers who would like to carry out their own energy audit surveys. These audits are free and will assist customers in becoming more aware of their electricity consumption and help manage their electricity bills."

For more information on the Fuel Factor Rate and Energy Conservation tip, persons should visit FortisTCI's website at