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Press Release

Fortis TCI Press Release



Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, (Wednesday, December 1st 2010)  PPC Ltd will be embarking on a crackdown of illegal power connections throughout the island of Providenciales. PPC's robust internal team is intensely working on the problem, as the illegal practice has a number of negative effects on the community and the financial resources of the company.

These power connections are not only illegal, but pose serious safety concerns for all residents in these areas. Illegal power connections can result in injury or even death, particularly for children playing in these unprotected areas, where un-insulated and unearthed wires run across floors and across outdoor swampy pathways. Additionally, PPC has received unconfirmed reports of animals passing through these areas and being electrocuted as a result of exposed illegal wires running from poles to residences.

Unidentified sources have informed PPC that electricians assist with these illegal connections in some cases and this act goes strongly against the moral code of professional electricians and will eventually generate a lack of trust in the industry.

PPCs CEO Eddinton Powell expressing his disappointment at this illegal and dangerous practice stated, "PPC has zero tolerance for persons who have blatant disregard for the law and the safety of individuals.  We will continue to monitor these areas while enforcing our responsibilities under the law as we aim to make our communities a safer environment for all to live. It is unfair to fellow law-abiding citizens who have followed the correct procedures set out by the Law and the Company for power connections and who pay their share of the fuel cost to have to pay for those who illegally connect to the system and don't pay for electricity. That can't be right."

 PPC urges those residents who would like to regularize their illegal service to visit PPC's Customer Service Centre, where they will be provided with instructions on how to properly apply and legally obtain electricity. This effort can help maintain the level and quality of service that is currently being supplied to all customers, by discouraging this illegal act and reporting necessary information to PPC's staff.

 Mr. Powell added, "There must be a concerted effort between PPC, the Government and our customers to effectively combat this problem.  For example, it is important that Government give this matter the serious attention it deserves by cracking down on the illegal activities of those electricians and others involved in this dangerous activity. Sooner or later someone will be seriously injured or possibly killed.    We will continue to work with the Judicial System, the police and the Electrical Commission to prosecute these offenders with heavy fines in an effort to deter further acts of this nature".