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U.O.R.E - Promoting Solar Energy in TCI

Fortis TCI - Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program

FortisTCI UORE program contract and participation process.

Renewable Energy Programs

TCI Solar

The Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program (U.O.R.E.) offers qualifying customers the opportunity to partner with FortisTCI to lease their rooftop space for the generation of solar energy. FortisTCI owns and maintains the Solar PV System, and the customer receives a credit on their monthly electricity bill for use of rooftop space.

  • Residential customers can install up to 10kW
  • Commercial customers can install up to 60kW
  • Industrial customers can install up to 150kW


Customer Pre-qualification & inspection
Customer Incentive
System Installation
Current UORE Projects
Location DC Nameplate (kW) Annual Production (MWh) Number of Panels CO2 Saved
Atlantic Stone 165.8 220 510 490
Mills Institute 10.6 16.37 32 11.48
Air Cool North 135.2 197.2 416 166.11
Air Cool South 114.4 167.3 352 101.99
Pelletier Main 9.75 14.23 30 4.38
Pelletier Guest House 13.7 19.32 42 6.58
Caicos Depot 397.1 552.9 1088 -
Carlisle Supplies 105.1 160 288 -
Grace Bay Car Rental 62.8 79.34 172 -
Total 1,014.45 1,426.66 2,930 780.54


For more information, review the Utility Owned Renewable Energy Program (U.O.R.E.) contract here.

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