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FAQs - Utility Owned Renewable Energy (U.O.R.E.)





When will the Utility Owned Renewable Energy (UORE) Programme be available?

The UORE Programme is available now!! Customers who would like to participate should register their interest for the programme at the FortisTCI headquarters on Leeward Highway in Providenciales.


Will UORE be available to FTCI residential and commercial customers?

Yes. The UORE programme is available on a first come, first served basis to FTCI residential and commercial  customers who complete an interest form and satisfy FTCI’s qualification criteria. If interest exceeds programme availability, FTCI may prioritise applications for homes in areas where solar resources will  provide maximum benefits to our local electric grid.


What is the qualification criteria for the CORE programme?

Participation is limited to the owners of homes and businesses whose FTCI accounts are in their names. FTCI accounts also must be in good standing. All property owners must sign the programme contract.


The UORE programme is not available to:


  • renters
  • homes with housing code violations
  • outdated or unsafe electric service entrances
  • homes with electric service entrances that do not allow an interconnection for a solar power system on FTCI's side of the meter

  • homes with structurally unsound or unsafe roof conditions

  • homes without safe access for installation and maintenance of a solar power system

  • homes that cannot accommodate the installation of a solar power system with a capacity of at least 2 kilowatts (kW).


Will my home or business be inspected to ensure I qualify for the programme?

Yes. FTCI's authorised personnel, local solar installers and the TCIG inspector will examine your roof, establish its structural integrity and review your electric service entrance to ensure that your home 

satisfies necessary permitting and design requirements.





Is there a fee to participate in the programme?

There are no programme costs associated with UORE. FortisTCI will own and maintain the system with no cost to UORE participants.


How do I benefit from UORE?

Credits are given to customers through a graduated pricing scale based on the size of the system installed for UORE participants. The UORE credits may assist with reducing your monthly electricity bill should your  consumption remain the same.





How long will it take to install the system on my home after I sign the Authorisation Form?

Participants can expect to have a system installed within approximately eight to twelve weeks after the  contract is executed.


How much load will this system put on my roof? Can I have it installed on the ground?

A typical photovoltaic (PV) system creates 3-4 pounds per square foot of load on a roof. Ground-mounted  systems will only be considered for customers participating in the CORE programme.


Participating residential customers can install up to 10 kW systems, and participating commercial customers can install up to 60 kW systems.


What if the system is damaged or destroyed?

FTCI is responsible for damage caused by theft, vandalism, storms, fires, natural disasters or other similar unforeseen forces for those participating in the UORE programme. If the system is damaged through the  homeowner’s willful misconduct or negligence, however, the homeowner will be held responsible.


Will FTCI regularly come to my home and replace the solar panels?

No. These systems are designed to last 25 years. FTCI does not expect to replace or upgrade panels.


What if I have a problem with the system?

Any questions or concerns about the solar power system or the programme itself can be directed to FTCI Customer Service Centre at (649) 946-4313 or you can email renewableenergy@fortistci.com.





Can I purchase the FTCI system installed on my home?

Yes. UORE programme participants have the option to purchase an FTCI owned system after six years at a price that varies based on the age and capacity of the system. Customers who exercise this option  would subsequently be transferred from the UORE Programme to the CORE Programme.


What happens after 25 years in the programme?

The UORE contract term is 25 years. At the end of the contract term, FTCI will remove the system unless the programme participant decides to purchase the system or extend the contract.


What happens if I sell my home after it's equipped with an FTCI system through the UORE programme?

When participating in the UORE programme, FTCI intends for the system to remain on the property for a 25-year period. If the programme participant sells the home, the new homeowner can take over the  remainder of the contract by completing a transfer/assignment form. If the buyer does not want the system on the property, an exit fee outlined in the contract must be paid, and the system will be removed. Please refer to the contract for more details.


What if I have a complaint about the programme that I cannot resolve with FTCI?

FTCI is a regulated utility provider that operates pursuant to a supplier’s license and take over agreement and is obligated to comply with the Turks and Caicos Islands Electricity Ordinance. If you are unsuccessful in resolving any issue with FTCI, you can contact the Energy and Utilities Commissioner’s office to file a complaint.


What if I have questions not addressed by these FAQs?

Please feel free to send us any additional questions you may have to renewableenergy@fortistci.com.